Youth justice centres in Victoria (12.12.2017)

Written on the 12 December 2017

12 December 2017


Standing Committee on Legal and Social Issues 

GEORGIE CROZIER (LIB - Southern Metropolitan)


Thank you, President.

I note your concerns around this very serious issue, and as somebody who has chaired a very sensitive committee in the past, I too take very seriously these issues in relation to what we are talking about. This interim report is of a serious nature, and Ms Fitzherbert has articulated the reasons the committee has provided an interim report in relation to not only the issues surrounding the extended reporting dates due to the inadequate timing of some of the documents that we were able to get and were able to assess but also due to the very serious allegations that the committee heard and received in evidence from Mr Brendan Murray.

Mr Murray was appointed back in around 2012 by then Minister Wooldridge after Parkville College was established, which was a first. It was well-regarded right around the nation for the significant impact it had on youth justice. What we have seen under this government is the complete failure of the youth justice system, with dozens of riots, a mass escape, tens of millions of dollars worth of damage and failed court cases. There has been a litany of disasters under Minister Mikakos, and she has the audacity to come in here and complain about what this inquiry has found and the evidence that it has uncovered during the course of the hearings.

Among those witnesses that we have heard from the very worthy evidence that has been brought before the committee Mr Murray made allegations which are of an extremely serious nature. They were not made lightly, and it was felt that members needed more time and a more thorough investigation through the Ombudsman undertaking that process. So I want to also endorse the comments made by Ms Fitzherbert in her stewardship of this very important inquiry.

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