Youth justice facilities (20.9.2017)

Written on the 22 September 2017

20 September 2017


Members statements 

GEORGIE CROZIER (LIB - Southern Metropolitan)


Minister Mikakos has a habit of continually declaring that events in youth justice facilities have not occurred, but in fact she has proven to be wrong yet never admits so. She comes into this place and hides under parliamentary privilege, and she has done so repeatedly with inaccuracies.

In my role as shadow minister I requested a visit to Parkville and Malmsbury on 13 July 2015. I did not hear anything back, so I wrote a second letter of request on 12 August 2015. On 29 January 2016 I visited the Parkville youth justice facility and on 16 February 2016 I visited Malmsbury.

Of course we know that there have been a number of riots and mass escapes and many issues have occurred in the last two years under Minister Mikakos's watch. I requested a visit to Parkville and Malmsbury on 18 May this year. Again I received a reply from her chief of staff, Mr Jacob Clifton, saying, 'I will raise these requests with the Department of Justice and Regulation and come back to you'. I have heard nothing since. I got a response from the minister after I raised it again, saying:

I am advised the member has already visited Parkville, Malmsbury and Grevillea youth justice precincts at least four times during this term of government.

We are not in the business of conducting a youth justice custodial tourism program.

I find this response highly offensive and inaccurate and I ask the minister to correct the record. This is on the parliamentary record, and she needs to come in and correct the record as it is an inaccuracy.

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