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Election priorities on family violence and prevention - DVRCV ADVOCATE

Posted on 20 August 2018
Election priorities on family violence and prevention - DVRCV ADVOCATE

Monday 20 August 2018

Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria



Governments of all persuasions and across jurisdictions are taking on the challenge of eliminating family violence. In Victoria, following the Royal Commission into Family Violence, record investment by the current Government has been committed along with the promise to implement all 227 recommendations. This builds on the work of previous governments including the last Coalition government, of which I was a member. A record investment at the time included providing wide-ranging measures to address prevention, safety, and perpetrator accountability.

The bipartisan support given to the elimination of family violence is well documented and that bipartisanship is genuine and ongoing.

The Royal Commission recommendations are complex and extensive and will take many years to fully implement.

Family violence is a whole-of-society issue and it is too important for us to get the reforms wrong. We need to ensure that implementation is being delivered in the right manner. The Government has appropriated considerable amounts of funding and we have a duty to the community to ensure outcomes are achieved and programs are targeted wisely. It is for those reasons that we need to ensure that the reforms are implemented carefully and properly.

I commend the work of the Family Violence Reform Implementation Monitor in making sure government priorities in dealing with family violence are in order. Mr Tim Cartwright, APM and his team have painstakingly put together a comprehensive review on the Family Violence Reform initiatives. I am very pleased that such necessary oversight is in place.

Our support to the family violence sector has not wavered and we are steadfast in our dedication to carry out the needed reforms to eliminate family violence in Victoria.

Violence of any kind should not be tolerated, whether in our streets or behind closed doors. Victims need to be supported and perpetrators need to be brought to account. We have announced important policies on mandatory sentencing, bail and parole, new offences to tackle violent crime and a pilot Family Violence Disclosure Scheme that will give Victorians the right to ask and the right to know about any history of violent criminal offences of a current or former partner.

We have remained firm in our stance in putting victims first as we understand the impact of crime on the disadvantaged and we are set to announce more policies in due course.

As the Shadow Minister for Families and Children, Housing and the Prevention of Family Violence, I want to take this opportunity to recognise the commitment of the entire workforce who are on the ground and at the coalface dealing with some very challenging issues. To all stakeholders, peak bodies, service providers, and community members in the family violence sector, thank you very much for your ongoing dedication and commitment in this important area.





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