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CONSTITUENCY QUESTIONS - SMR - Tooronga Level Crossing (19.3.2019)

CONSTITUENCY QUESTIONS Tuesday, 19 March 2019 COUNCIL   Ms GEORGIE CROZIER (Southern Metropolitan)  - My constituency question is to the Minister for Transport Infrastructure and relates to the safety of the level crossing at Tooronga.
I have met with and spoken to the principals of Bialik College and Auburn H...

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MEMBERS STATEMENTS - Warren Roberts (19.3.2019

Ms CROZIER Southern Metropolitan MEMBERS STATEMENTS Thursday, 19 March 2019
Warren Roberts
Ms CROZIER (Southern Metropolitan)   On a happier note, last week I had the great pleasure to attend, along with my parliamentary colleagues Michael O'Brien, Tim Smith and David Davis, a farewell to celebr...

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CONSTITUENCY QUESTION - SMR - Buruli Ulcer (7.3.2019)

Southern Metropolitan Region -  Buruli ulcer Thursday, 7 March 2019 COUNCIL Georgie Crozier MP  
MS CROZIER (Southern Metropolitan) - My question is to the Minister for Health, and it relates to the Buruli ulcer. Reports that have been recently talking about the Buruli ulcer have been from Baysidein Bri...

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ADJOURNMENT - Ambulance Transfers (6.3.2019)

ADJOURNMENT 6 March 2019 COUNCIL Georgie Crozier (LIB)      CROZIER (Southern Metropolitan) - My adjournment matter is for the Minister for Health, and it relates the ambulance service payments and guidelines. This is an issue I know Ms Wooldridge is very familiar with as she raised it with the form...

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ADJOURNMENT - St Kilda Public Housing Safety (5.3.2019)

ADJOURNMENT St Kilda Public Housing Safety Ms CROZIER Tuesday, 5 March 2019

Ms CROZIER (Southern Metropolitan)  - My adjournment matter this evening is to the Minister for Housing, and it relates to the ongoing crime in and around public housing specifically in the areas of Carlisle Street, Balluk Willam Court and T...

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